Warn! Close Friend Is A Rival In Love Hidden Beside You

you may think that you are happy because you possess friendship and love at the same time. But have you ever imagined that once your close friend and you boy friend will have another romantic friendship, what will you do at that time?

Close friend is an exclusive name which belongs to girls specially. The name will make you feel warm and safety of friendship. Even though all men in the world has abandoned you,Warn! Close Friend Is A Rival In Love Hidden Beside You Articles there will still a close friend give you a hug, however, it is just because she is your close friend, the one you trust most, thus her betrayal will make you extremely sad.

One afternoon, when going window-shopping with colleague, a girl saw two familiar persons sitting beside the window at one western-style restaurant. They looked at each other tenderly. The expression made the girl felt extreme unpleasant, because everyone who one loved shall understand the meaning of that expression. They two persons, one was the girl’s boy friend and the other was her close friend. Suddenly she felt nothing she can do, vacant, saying to herself like a bitter woman “why will it be like this?”Dominatrix Seattle

Actually it is the girl herself has made the rival in love. When she began the romantic relationship, she introduced her boy friend frequently to her friends. Because she felt that if you love someone, you should let your friends understand his existence and your secrets, which is just a kind of respect toward him. She did not want to make her friend feel that she deserted her friends after having a boy friend. Thus there is a lot of opportunities for her boy friend and best friends communication.

Female is a kind of perceptual animal, the trust of close friend on friendship will make her lose natural sensitivities and vigilance. There is one saying that should be remembered by all girls “The safest is also the most dangerous.” They do not know during the time they create for her boy friend and close friend, they are just pushing themselves into dangerous circumstances of love.

Thus you will become the one they know at the same time. The good and bad of boy friend, even his hobbies or sexualities, your close friend has mastered well. Everything about your close friend, including her views on love, favorable CD, measures of bust, waist and hips, you will also tell your boy friend at conversation. Your boy friend and close friend will become some one special in the eyes—- they are familiar with each other but they never enter into others’ life at all. Curiosity, familiarity, stimulus are the reasons that love will happen and rise between them.

It is easy for the following kinds of close friends to become your rival. First is the beauty. When staying with your close friend, if your friend is more beautiful than you, you will be very dangerous. There are no difficulties for her to rob your boy friend. Maybe they do not want this intentionally, but all men like beauties, is there anything wrong with it? Second an accomplished lady. Nowadays talent is a method which will add attraction of girls. Maybe there may need some time for you to be attracted by those girls, it can be regarded as a time bomb, what’s more you cannot control the time of explosion. Maybe men will not notice those girls at first, will time goes on, after gradual contact, they will be attracted by their talents. Third are mere girls. It is evident that all men have the intention to protect such girls. Last is sexual woman, if your close friend is sexual enough and good at showing off her charms. When you have romantic relationship with a handsome who you have desired for a long time, there is no wonder that she will also pursue the boy as well?

Several tips for you to prevent your close friend become your rival in love. First you should keep a distance from your boy friend and your close friend, reducing their contact opportunities. Then as a close friend, you should praise her boy friend sometimes, even though there is indeed no redeeming features of the boy, you should also praise him but do not often, or your friend may doubt that you have ulterior motives. Third do not praise your boy friend before your close friends too often. Everyone has jealousy, if your boy friend is too excellent, or your friends may want to possess him.

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