How to maintain the customized kitchen cabinets

Spent a lot of money and time, the delicate cabinet presented in front of us, How to maintain the customized kitchen cabinets Articles I believe all of us want to know how to maintain the customized kitchen cabinets in the process of our daily use in order to enlarge the lifespan of kitchen cabinet materials which can provide us with long-term use of service. Please see the tips we organized for you:

  1. Prevent the kitchen cabinet door panel soaked by the water on the countertop or other places.
  2. You should adjust the accessories or inform the manufacturer to repair once there is any abnormal situation, hinges loosen or handles falling off, etc.
  3. Solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture wax. Acrylic kitchen cabinet door, UV kitchen cabinet door and PETG kitchen cabinet door can be cleaned with warm water or neutral cleaner Shaker Kitchen Cabinets.
  4. The bearing capacity of the kitchen wall cabinets is generally not as good as kitchen base cabinets, so the kitchen wall cabinet is suitable for placing light items, and heavy ones are better to be placed in the kitchen base cabinet or kitchen tall cabinets.
  5. The utensils should be cleaned before they are put into the customized kitchen cabinets, and specially make sure the utensils are dry enough.
  6. The kitchen cabinet hardware should be wiped with a dry cloth, and you should avoid water droplets left on the surface of hardware in case of any watermarks.

The internal filter box of the kitchen sink on the working table can be wrapped with filaments in advance which can prevent vegetable scraps and fine residues from blocking the water pipe.

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