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Get more Instagram followers: 10 tips from social media experts

Instagram is also enjoying dramatic popularity in 2018. More than 800 million active Instagram users worldwide. You want to be at the forefront of your Instagram account and get more followers via buy real instagram comments? Social Media expert Thomas Klein gives you 10 practical tips on how to sustainably get more followers in your Instagram account.


Instagram is a platform to communicate with friends. If no communication takes place, your account will no longer grow organically (ie unpaid) and your business model will not have a sustainable substance. Your goal must be to build trust and generate a high-quality community with relevant followers from your target group. Soon you will also be able to check the nationality of your followers publicly (as on Facebook ). At the latest then the fraud flies on yourself.

  1. Be a person, not a brand

Everything that apparently smells like advertising is ignored and not noticed. Even if you represent a brand, you represent yourself better than human dar. Then you generate a higher perception in Instagram. Do not give any fake data. Create a profile with your real name, create an honest bio. There you can write like, which brand you represent. Put in the bio a link to the website. Of course you can also portray yourself as a brand. Then it just requires a little more investment in Instagram Ads to achieve visibility and perception through mass.

  1. Do not post

As I said before, advertising is ignored. If you have more than 60,000 followers with your “human account”, big brands will automatically come to you. They offer you money to place their products in your community. Go dosed with it. Never lose your authenticity. If you become too commercial, your users will escape you.

  1. Get a follower app

Instagram’s regular backend already gives you many options to organize and manage your account to grow your Instagram community. With a special Insta-Follower app, you’ll have additional information about your posts and users that are very useful: the most active followers, who you are following, new followers, and many other useful insights. All apps known to me cost between 10-100 € license per year. I have chosen the Follower + App (€ 10.99 per year). You can find more apps here:  List of Instagram Follower Apps

  1. Post wow content

Give your users the wow effect in the picture language. You have a maximum of 2 seconds to pick up the reader, to inspire. In these two seconds, your contribution must offer the user a social benefit, immediately detectable and recognizable. The flood of information in social media is so great that you only have these two decisive seconds to reach the perception of the user. Your content is the key to your success on Instagram. It is the strategic element of your strategy and therefore of fundamental importance. Offer relevant added value with your content. Surprise, be curious, sensational, dramatic or communicate in superlatives. Then your content is perceived as “viral added value” and the user gives you a like, follows you or shares the post.

  1. Follow your Liker

Open the list, who liked your post. Follow everyone, then you will follow you back. Follow relevant Hastags and search for relevant profiles that match your target audience or topic. Follow these profiles. The Follow-up Limit feature in a follower app is a maximum of 60 requests per hour (so limited by the Instagram API). In the Instagram app itself, the limit is higher and is 100 requests per five hours.

  1. like relevant contributions

Follow thematic channels, subscribe to relevant hashtags . Scroll through your feed and like relevant posts and comment on them.

  1. Contact influencers

If you make it possible for other users with a large community (influencer) to use a post from you or mark you in a post, a flood of new Instagram followers will come to you. Try to establish contact with influencers. Ask them about their topic and content planning and offer them suitable content for them.

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Nothing new, but still a powerful tool: Use the high-performing hashtags for your content in your posts. This increases the organic reach of your posts.

  1. Sure is safe.

For savvy Instagramer, of course, but I’ll give you more basic points that are important to your Instagram work:

  • Profile is public (not as private)
  • Company account is enabled (then you will no longer have a follower limit)
  • Profile picture: You are clearly recognizable and the sight spills over the positive mood
  • Bio-Text is smart and has a link to your blog
  • You are always authentic
  • Regular Instagram stories support your always-on communication
  • You do not delete posts (unless they violate applicable law)

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