Simple Strategies For More Followers That You Can Implement Immediately

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Comment and like posts by your target audience

Find other channels on buy instagram followers that are also in your niche. There you comment on and like contributions, build up a relationship and thus draw attention to yourself. Your audience will also visit your profile and find that it’s interesting. Already got your next follower.

Use Follow Unfollow 

You can also use Follow or Unfollow to get more Instagram followers. Make sure that you

  • pick out hashtags that match your account.
  • follow small pages that are similar to you.

The reason is quite simple. Smaller sites are more likely to back you up. This will make you more contacts and you can make mutual shoutouts. Another advantage is that when these Instagram accounts grow, then you’re in the list of people they follow, and if others follow them, then your Instagram profile will be recommended to them, so you can also get new Instagram followers. Always think long term in your follower buildup.

In addition, if these accounts have grown larger and like you and comment on your posts on Instagram more people will be shown as the algorithm of Instagram rated comments and likes of large accounts stronger.

Keep in mind that in the first few days of your Instagram profile you will not be following more than 50 people a day and a maximum of 160 after a few months. After following a few hundred similar accounts, follow them after 2-3 days and they will not come back. Focus on the people who care about your content.

To find them and get new buy real instagram followers, look for an Instagram profile with 100,000 Instagram followers or more that suits your niche or topic. Take a look at their last posts and find out who commented there.

Follow this (and like 1-3 of the last posts) It is important that you do not follow accounts that follow more people than they have followers themselves. If you do not find any people who have commented on posts, then go to the people who liked the post.

Of course, it’s easy to follow anyone who liked the post, but that just makes people ignore or block you and much worse, you’ll follow Instagram accounts and you will not be back. That’s how I did it to get more Instagram followers in the beginning.