6 tips to make your designs look good on t-shirts

Are you a designer and are you thinking about capturing your creations on t-shirts? If you have never created your own t-shirts, it is normal that you have doubts about it. That’s why we’ve put together 6 tips to make your illustrations look good on your t-shirts local screen printing.

1.- Get inspired (without copying!)
We live in a globalized world in which we have access to thousands of artists and creations, but that does not mean that we can copy. There are many websites and blogs where you can consult design trends , there is no problem in creating your own style, but wanting to stamp brands such as licensed comic characters is not a good option. It is much better to offer an original and inspired design with your own style for your t-shirts.

2.- Simple designs: less is more
In general, simple and well-made designs are the most liked, especially in printed t-shirts . Keep in mind that an illustration will not look the same printed on paper as it does on fabric.

Simplifying details and colors can not only save you some textile printing costs, but will also make the illustration stand out much more. The popular saying less is more applies a lot to t-shirt printing.

3.- Who is your target audience?
If you are a well-known illustrator, you will already know which drawings and designs are most successful among your audience. But if you have doubts about it, why not do a small survey on social networks to see which t-shirts with your illustrations your followers would be willing to buy?

On the other hand, if it is a commission for a comic convention or a festival, take into account the style of the event for which you are creating the t-shirt, what type of audience attends the event and what age they are. This will also help you choose the type of t-shirt to print .

4.- The range of colors of the illustrations on t-shirts
The colors of a design are just as important as the design itself. Combining them wisely without overloading the illustration with an infinite number of different tones is the key.

Never forget to take into account the color of the chosen t-shirt , as it can be used as a background color. This can give a lot of play when designing an illustration.

And if you decide to use screen printing to print designs on t-shirts you can save a little, since the printing budget is calculated based on the number of colors the design has.

5.- Prepare the design for printing
Having the design on your computer or tablet screen is not the same as seeing it on a t-shirt. Textile is a different medium than paper , so the design needs to be adapted to this medium.

Prepare the illustration at actual print size and review the small details of the design. Please note that very fine lines or very small letters may blur or smear when printed with screen printing ink . Which brings us to the next point so that the illustrations on t-shirts look perfect.

6.- Trust your Canarian textile printer
Our experience in the world of printing has taught us many tricks to make t-shirts with the best results . That is why when we receive a design we always try to advise and propose solutions to achieve the best possible impression.

At Serigrafia Canarias we have a highly experienced textile printing team that will advise you so that your t-shirt designs are perfect. Our advice is that you let yourself be advised by our commercial and design team. We want your t-shirts to be impeccable as much as you do!

In our online t-shirt designer , you can see how your t-shirt design will look. The process is very simple: choose the t-shirt , choose the color and upload your design with a transparent background. Our simulator will show you in a very realistic way what the final result will be like.

And if you need any other garment other than t-shirts: polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps, pants, work clothes, etc., do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. We work with all types of textile items.

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