Some Tips To Achieve Online Reputation

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Monitor what is said about you and respond as quickly as possible in case of difficulty; develop, grow, heal and refresh your online image, making it live and take the direction you want: Make sure that both your website that your profile on professional social networks are updated constantly in enriching them with all the news about your business (projects, contracts, new customers, getting prizes or awards, participation in trade events, etc.

Use all the new means available on the Net to promote: presence and participation on professional social networks (or not), blogs, forums, etc.

Often participate in forums or newsgroups, respond to requests received from users, exchanging with them constructively, set up a periodic publication to newsletter published on your site and sent to your contacts by e-mail to remember your business in their memory and provide a dynamic and positive image. Social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter, popular in Belgium and the field of your professional blogs should be included in any strategy for managing your online reputation management expert.