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12 pro tips to sell your house faster

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The real estate market is tense at the moment: there are more sellers than buyers and, except in large cities; houses are selling more or less easily. Not to mention the adequacy of the selling price to the market, we must take into account some elements that will allow you to make the difference with other properties for sale in your area Houston house buyers.

Why sell fast? When making the decision to sell, it is important that things go well and above all, a house that remains a long time on the market, this may seem suspicious to buyers: “If it does not sell, there is a wolf … ” , expression many times heard!

Finally, it is difficult to have an objective look on your home when you live there for a long time. All the small inconveniences you are used to, ” it does not work but we do without it ” , ” it is missing a threshold bar ” , in short all the things that we do not see anymore, will be so many brakes for the sale . And then, it will be necessary to put aside your emotional implication in these places so that the customer can imagine himself in your interior.


  1. Store

From the inside cupboards to the library through the nursery rooms everything must be tidy. It is necessary to put the spaces in value and to give an impression of sharpness and cleanliness.

  1. Depersonalize your home

This means taking away your personal photos, too flashy pictures, collections of trinkets and the decor sometimes very marked in the children’s room. This does not mean that everything must be white, beige, and bland. The colors are welcome as an extra, to emphasize a structure or embellish the atmosphere.

  1. Unclutter

Remove furniture that clutters, those that are oversized relative to the room. The size of the sofa must be proportionate to that of the living room; it must be possible to turn around easily. The circulation in space, from one space to another, must be fluid.

  1. Refresh the decor

Your wallpaper dates from the 90’s? Do not hesitate, remove it and pass some white paint. Buyers can better consider their future decor on a neutral background.

  1. Fix

This concerns everything that does not work, everything that is broken: bulbs, sockets, shutters, faucets, everything must be in working order because the buyer will check. Unusable equipment means negligence.

  1. Optimize volumes

It is important to highlight a high ceiling, a through light, a double living room, an open kitchen. All these popular elements must jump to the eyes of visitors as soon as they enter.

  1. Assign a function to each space

Finished parts “storeroom ” where we piled everything we do not know where to put, boxes, bags, etc. It is the same for the garage: it is not a storage room! The occupation of the rooms must be legible.

  1. Pay attention to the outside of the house

As for the interior, everything must be cleaned and in good condition: equipment (gates, alarms, etc.), plants and ponds.

  1. Rent furniture

Eventually, if yours is in poor condition, worn, more up-to-date, if it does not show off the room. Everything is important, it can be worth it!

  1. Turn on all the lights.

They highlight the different volume levels and make it possible to validate that there is no shadow hole. In addition, they bring a warm atmosphere inside.

  1. Take beautiful pictures

And this, with the lights, the volumes arranged and highlighted. From the inside and the outside, both are necessary, the buyer must have a global vision of the house and its environment. Which will make him want to move to visit?

  1. Use an expert in home staging

An objective exterior look will be useful to advise you in the arrangements to be made, so that your property is sold quickly. The home stagers are true professionals of the decoration, specialized in this sector.