10 Tips On Meditation

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Although each person is a world, yes you can establish a series of general tips to carry out meditation in the best possible way wofs astrological weight at birth. Of course, all these guidelines will be useful for all those who want to start practicing it and are not clear about where to approach it.


  1. Make it a daily activity and do not obsess or see it as an obligation.
  2. Meditate with a goal and not only because you have been told that meditation is good or that it has many benefits.
  3. Focus on your breathing and, if you need it, help with stretching before the session. Stretches will relax your muscles and make it easier for you to focus on breathing without other pains or worries.
  4. Experiment; do not believe everything they tell you about the best positions to meditate, because you can get to discover a better one in which you can concentrate much more easily.
  5. Read books and publications on meditation, as they will help you learn and progress in meditation. They will serve, in short, as one more motivation.
  6. Think long term. Remember that the effects of meditation take a long time to become apparent so do not get obsessed if at first it costs you or you cannot see the benefits.
  7. Try using a candle as a point to focus and concentrate or, in the same way, as long as this does not distract you, use incense to perfume the environment and help you relax.
  8. be aware that when you least want to meditate, it is precisely when you most need to influence it. Help yourself with relaxation albums or instructional videos and be aware that, although the benefits will be late, they will end up doing it
  9. Find the most appropriate time to meditate, but be aware that the best time is at the beginning of the day, very soon in the morning; and do not forget that when you finish meditating you cannot do it abruptly, gradually leave the state of meditation.
  10. Exports the techniques of meditation to your daily life and discover how in it you can also be of tremendous help even if you are not meditating properly.